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351 Charlotte ST., Ste. 100, Peterborough, ON K9J 2W1 Canada

Experienced Arbitrator & Mediator

Along with his experience in personal injury cases, Murray Miskin is an arbitration and mediation advocate and instructor. He has been principal arbitration instructor of the ADR Institute of Ontario since 1985. He taught the qualifying 40-hour course in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and Arbitration through the University of Toronto for 10 years and has continued independently of the University. He currently teaches the standard qualifying Alternative Dispute Resolution course for which graduates are issued certificates by the ADR Institute of Ontario. Lawyers taking this course receive professional development (CPD) credits. Visit Murray Miskin’s Alternative Dispute Resolution website for course information. Murray Miskin has acted as counsel in numerous arbitrations and mediations as well as counselled and advised arbitrators. He has also spoken and provided training to various groups and organizations on the Arbitration Act, Mediation, and ADR processes. His arbitration practices involve commercial, construction, estate and condominium arbitrations. As a mediator, he has extensive experience in insurance claims, family law, estate and commercial disputes.

Miskin Law Professional Corporation, the Early Years

Murray H. Miskin is an Ontario personal injury lawyer providing legal services to Canadians since 1981 when he became a member of the Ontario Bar Association. Murray Miskin is the owner and senior lawyer at Miskin Law Professional Corporation, a personal injury law firm serving Durham region and the Kawartha Lakes. Murray Miskin handles personal injury cases of all varieties, including pharmaceutical error and medical injuries. If you or a loved one has been in a car accident and need an experienced car accident lawyer, look no further than the motor vehicle accident lawyers at Miskin Law Professional Corporation. Murray Miskin has a wealth of knowledge about the Canadian legal system which he applies in court to get you a fair settlement.

Offices in Peterborough, Lindsay and Whitby

The main office of Miskin Law Professional Corporation is in Peteborough. In 2008, Miskin Law Professional Corporation opened their Peterborough office which is now their main office. The Peterborough office is located at the corner of Park St. and Charlotte St. The lawyers at the Peterborough office focus on personal injury cases, estates and work on a national level handling class action asbestos, mesothelioma, and class actions. Murray Miskin and his team continue to meet clients at the Whitby and Lindsay office by appointment only.

Professional Affiliations

Association for Conflict Resolution

ADR Institute Canada

ADR Institute Ontario

Advocates Society

Canadian Bar Association

Ontario Bar Association

American Bar Association (Associate)

Durham Region Law Association

Peterborough County Law Association

Inter-American Bar Association

Federation of Ontario Cottagers Associations

National Association for Community Mediation

Toronto Commercial Arbitration Society

Dispute Resolution Section of American Bar Association

We Seek Justice for the Injured

To learn more about asbestos and related health complications including mesothelioma, an aggressive form of cancer, visit Miskin Law Professional Corporation’s dedicated website focused on asbestos. If you or a loved one has developed an asbestos related illness or you have another personal injury claim that you would like to discuss with us, give us a call now to book your free first meeting with our personal injury law firm.

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