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It’s been nearly 18-years since the World Trade Center towers collapsed on September 11, 2001. But the damaging effects of the resulting poor air quality are still felt today, causing health issues for first responders.

According to a National Institute of Environmental Health Science research study, World Trade Center dust consisted of pulverized cement, glass fibers, lead, asbestos, and other dangerous toxins. Some symptoms were apparent immediately after the attacks.

“Yeah, so what you’d find is coughing for sure, uh, possibly runny nose,” Louise Cardellina, a physician assistant with American Family Care, told 22News. “And then you have people who could develop asthma, either if they are asthmatic or if they are developing it, or it may make them more sensitive if they’re lungs are more delicate.”

Source: 9/11 first responders still facing health issues from toxic dust | WWLP